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Vessels to the soul  @faitheikos

So Tumblr faitheikos

'Meanwhile me and my missus like Solomon and Sheba’


With my words
I can rule
And I have

I built upon what was given
With words alone
I opened my mouth
Speaking into existence

Because I told you,
You listen
You follow
You imitate
My words did that.

You flew,
Like a perfect blue dream,
Soaring on the wings of my words
As if you could never be shot

But just as the
From my mouth
Gave you life

These words also destroyed
How could they?
Words that so easily empowered
With even less energy exertion
Shook you from your dream

And now it is dark
You are alone
It is silent
Did my words exist at all?

I found you on model mayhem. I would like to shoot you in a cool goth dark way. In a bathroom. In shower and do a wet panties dripping mascara look. Is that something you would be into? I would like to trade you the photos. I am not a professional photographer but you have that look. Do you also have a location to work from? Thanks, Ethan! my email is ethanoniel at mail. com


Sounds dope! Not booking much trade work right now though… My boyfriend is a photographer so if I have a concept I like he just shoots it for me haha.

That's great to hear that you'll be making your way out to L.A. I'd love to shoot with you! Do you have a website or email to make the arrangements?



You look like the girl from the movie 'Endless Love'


Never seen it! I searched tumblr tho and she is gorgeous. Thank you I’m flattered!