I took a trip
in hopes of finding the answer
I was told
the answer was Him, no one else
why would they lie?

I still felt empty
if the answer is Him, why
do I want more?
the Journey ahead, condemned.
condemned, but still inviting.

my Trip, oh, my Trip
the paths came alive
the dark & abandoned,
purposefully harmonized.

I had to remind myself to breathe.
but when surrounded by such beauty
you forget to keep from dying.

my soul birthed gratitude.
the answer wasn’t Him,
there was no answer at all.

but there is everything else,
& it’s more than enough.

You remind me of a less uptight Kate Upton with a healthy breast size. You should be a famous actress and not sweat it when your phone gets hacked!


You’re an angel from the model goddesses & if I knew who you were I’d squeeze you into tiny little pieces for that comparison.

PS: healthy breast size(?)(.) If you mean I don’t have to worry about heavy-saggy-tit-induced back pain…. Then yes. I definitely have a healthy breast size. You’re the kindest.

What was going through your mind a few years ago when you use to do non nude selfies and sexy saturdays on twitter?


Hi anon friend.
A few years ago I’d gotten a decent amount of social media exposure from the Girls of the SEC and College Girls pictorials I did for Playboy. Playboy was my “first” photo shoot I’d ever done, & all I could remember thinking was “I want to do this every day for as long as I can”. So, I lost 30 pounds to pursue modeling/my dreams. I was damn proud, still am!
So to answer your question, the thoughts going through my mind were those of confidence and self discovery. I’d never felt good about my body like I did then.
But it’s only a body. Why should I hide it? I think the more appropriate question to ask here is why do more girls not feel as comfortable posting their own sexy selfies?
Thanks for following, anon friend!

Prop up your feet up and stay a little. evanbrownphotography & Faith Eikos
evanbrownphotography & Faith Eikos
My aura is purple. evanbrownphotography
Even though we ain’t got money, I’m so in love with ya, honey. 

How much is too much? 
Sweet Tooth collaboration by logmfut + Faith Eikos
Sweet Tooth collaboration.