Transitions: My Ode To Autumn

The turning of leaves
Stirs confusion inside
For every red & yellow you see
What was once living, has died

Despite the bite of cold air
Branch flames increasingly roar
Not a shred of modesty to spare
Yet mesmerizing all the more

& just as this simple existence
Displays death with such pride,
You & I shun resistance
We choose to believe our lies

Has our purpose been met?
Are we wasting our years?
Is this path one we’ll regret?
What’s with all our tears?

All that we can be certain
No matter if we’re right or wrong
Like the leaves, we commit arson
& my dear, we don’t have long.

Never got the chance to meet you in Atlanta, but I am loving watching the adventures of Evan & Faith do America. The photography you guys are creating is pure magic. The Utah sets are my favorite so far.


Can’t thank you enough for following and supporting the work! It has been the honor of my life to travel and see just how marvelous the land is. Utah was undoubtedly the most sacred place I’ve ever been… I can’t believe more people don’t visit!!! It’s truly America’s hidden gem, I could spend a hundred lifetimes exploring it.
Thank you again for following.. I’m praying to the travel goddesses Evan and myself will be able to make enough $$ to continue our travels later this year. Until then, keep giving the people that one of a kind ATL street art and stay dope my friend!

We are all our own, tiny universe. evanbrownphotography + @faitheikos
Venus in Venice Beachevanbrownphotography + Faith Eikos

The Skinny Gypsy

How do you keep your figure?

Thanks for the question & for following, friend! About a year and a half ago I posted a lengthy entry about how I initially lost all my weight and got healthy, but since then a lot has changed, (like the fact I no longer have a gym membership. Or a kitchen. Or even money to spend on healthy foods.) Staying healthy is a daily struggle, especially when I live & travel with a skeleton-like photog who would eat Five Guys every day of the week if our finances allowed. The key, though, is staying active & drinking water. I may not be in the gym anymore, but I always make sure, no matter where I am, I get outside and get moving. Hiking, swimming, climbing… All activities I’ve been fortunate enough to make routine since I’ve been on the road. (If you live in the Western US you have NO excuses!!! It’s fucking beautiful out here!) But when I’m not able to explore, I like using the Nike Training Camp app to target my problem areas (hips, belly, arms… Wait, isn’t that my whole body?) or even do something as simple as jump rope. Whenever I’m waiting for a load of laundry to finish up at the public machines, I’ll lunge and squat. There’s tons of exercises you can easily incorporate into your daily life. Keeping yourself strong is the key to keeping your figure; the stronger you are, the more calories you burn… Yes, even when you’re resting! Health isn’t about having the perfect conditions, it’s about making time for yourself no matter what the conditions may be. There’s never going to be a perfect time.. You just have to do the best you can with what you have. Well, that and staying away from cheap gas station doughnuts. One step at a time though, right?
You're gorgeous af!


Kindness! Thanks for following Dood.

Been following you for a few years now and youre just like a bottle of wine. The older you get, the better you look ;)


Well in models years, I’m ancient as fuck.. so I appreciate that!
Also now I want wine. Make it a 1980 Chilean Sauvignon Blanc.

Might be to personal but I just keep thinking about it so here it goes, whats your favorite positions during sex and what turns you on?


Turn ons? Easy. Tall, skinny, hairy, smartass photogs who do uncanny Jim Carrey impersonations.
Fav sex position? If you have to ask, you will never know my friend.